Upcoming Clinics


Paul Belasik Clinic - June 24-25, 2017


Address: 23211 Kellogg Road, Grand Rapids, Ohio 43522

Two 45-minute rides (Saturday and Sunday - same time) are $600. Once the slots are filled, we will be taking a waiting list in case of a cancellation. Sessions includes one groom (with no audit fee) and lunch, stall fee (bedding and stall cleaning included - need to bring your own hay and grain), and video.** No cancellations two weeks before clinic - you are responsible to find a substitute rider (unless we have a replacement on the waiting list or you have aveterinarianslip). We will consider rides for one day at $300 per day but give preference to those that ride both days. Individuals trailering in but not using a stall can deduct $25 per day.

Auditing is $25 per day (includes lunch). *We are asking you to pre-register so we have a headcount for lunch.

**We have a professional videographer present with a direct feed to Paul’s mic so you get high quality videos (she charges $25 per day - video is included in the fee).

For more information contactus at info@rustedmarefarm.com,

General Information: Water, soda, coffee, snacks and lunch will be provided. Video may be taken but may not be released publicly without the consent of Paul Belasik. Boarders must bring own hay and food. Must have current Coggens and health certificate. This is a NON-SMOKING campus and dog-free campus (except our own who will be contained during the clinic). All riders must sign a waiver. Helmets are required for minors (17 or younger) - Adult riders assume all risks should they adopt to not wear a helmet.